Green Woodworking Workshop I - Saturday, May 11th

Green Woodworking Workshop I - Saturday, May 11th


Location: The Kentucky School
Date: Saturday, May 11
Price: $150

In this workshop, The Kentucky School's resident woodworker, Brett Bentley, will guide you through the process of creating a hiking/walking staff from a log in the handcrafted tradition of Chester Cornett, Terry Ratliff, and other master Kentucky woodworkers. You'll use a KY hardwood log that you'll split with wedges, rive with a froe, and shave with a drawknife. If you have attended other green woodworking workshops or have other green woodworking experience, this workshop will help you get through the project a bit quicker. However, NO EXPERIENCE IS NECESSARY and we will be helping everyone complete their project. All tools will be provided!

Skills that will be covered include, wood selection, splitting a log with wedges and sledges, riving split material with froes, hewing material with axes, shaving material with drawknives/spokeshaves.

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