Outside the Spotlight Jazz Series: Friends & Neighbors Show Review

Special thanks to everyone who came out to our first outdoor concert in our beer garden last night, Friends & Neighbors for the great show, Ross Compton for bringing Outside the Spotlight Jazz Series to our humble abode, and Bird is the Worm for this great write-up! Here’s one of our favorite quotes from the piece:

"..in that neighborhood which has so much culture in its roots and the essential qualities to a community… residents walking about, sitting on front stoops, an abiding sense of Home… the sound of Friends & Neighbors music filling the air with that solemn tone, a resonant cry of sax, trumpet, keys, bass and drums, it became, on that night, a part of the fabric of the community, a part of that neighborhood’s lives…"

Be sure to check out the full review and follow Bird is the Worm blog at birdistheworm.com.

Brett Ratliff